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Here is a gallery of Sam's media projects through the years. Sam has had a passion for storytelling in both the format of film in addition to writing and illustrating. He is currently studying Media Communications at Asbury University.

Book By Sam Santrock/Read By President Kevin Brown


After reading books from The Me And The Boys Series, Dr. Kevin Brown, President of Asbury University commissioned Sam to write an Asbury themed Christmas book. Sam was provided several weeks to prepare for this project on top of his other school. The book was read on the final chapel of Asbury's Fall 2022 Semester as part of the "Christmas With The Browns" tradition.

Audio Mixed By Sam Santrock

Audio Production Post Project (2022)

This video was Sam's final project in his Audio Production class. All students were provided this classic train chase sequence from "Wallace And Gromit: In The Wrong Trousers" (1993). They goal of the project was to mute out the original audio from the sequence and replace it with custom audio and music tracks (Excluding Wallace's dialog). The clip above was Sam's audio rendition of the scene 

Starring: Jude Lins, Willem Hanssen, Sam Santrock, Emma Hilp, Caleb Cleveland


Always Watching Stew was the third project in Sam's Multicam Production class. The prompt for this project: an eight minute, live television production that could be about anything the given student wanted (gameshow, sports broadcast, sitcom, etc.). Students were also was required to add a one to two minute prerecorded video of their choice. Sam, unluckily, had two days to prepare for the entire project.

Starring: Willem Hanssen, Andrew Seamands, Kyle Kreutzer

59 MINUTES & 59 SECONDS (2022)

59 Minutes And 59 Seconds was the second project in Sam's Multicam Production class. The prompt for this project: a four minute, live television interview. Graphics were required. Additionally, one student from the class (Kreutzer) was required to be implicated in some way as talent. Decorating the set was also imperative. Sam wrote a full script for his project as the entire interview was satirical.

Song By Jay And The Americans/Illustrations By Sam Santrock


Come A Little Bit Closer was the first project in Sam's Multicam Production class. The prompt for this project: a three minute, live television production. Students were provided two cameras. The cameras were pointed at two separate stacks of images. The cameras would rotate back and forwards on which camera was live as students would rotate through the pictures. Sam opted to illustrate his own images.

Starring: Sam Santrock, Sawyer Harding, Ben Tighe, Kyle Kruetzer


The Orange Conspiracy was Sam's final project in the journalism portion of his Writing For Media class. The prompt: Create a two minute news piece on an Asbury University related matter. Sam had noticed orange pieces around his school and thought it would make for an entertaining news piece. His camera man and co-editor was Andrew Stephens.

Here is a link to the accompanying article.

Starring: Sam Santrock, Willem Hanssen, Ethan Hanssen, Liam Hanssen, Kate Santrock, Emily Hanssen

DOOMS DAY (2016)

Dooms Day is likely Sam's most memorable childhood project. Containing no concrete plot or ending, Dooms Day started filming the day of conception. The "production" ended up spanning a year. Dooms Day can very easily be split into four filming sessions, switching back and forwards between Sam and best friend, Willem's homes. The IOS app, Action VFX, was integral to the films production. (This project is not to be taken seriously).

Starring: Sam Santrock, Kate Santrock, Dr. Dale Santrock

Nerf Warfare (2015)

Inspired by popular YouTube videos from the time, Nerf Warfare was one of Sam's first directed and fully completed projects without collaboration from friends. The film's crew consisted only of Sam's family members. This also marks Sam's first "attempt" at "audio mixing" (It is not very professional as can be seen). The film includes multiple Nerf products as props.

Starring: Sam Santrock

SUPER SAM (2013)

Super Sam is Sam's first fully completed short film to include an attempt at visual effects. Sam plays the role of Super Sam in addition to the role of The Destructor. Visual effects include miniatures, dummies, and the head of Destructor (made from Incredible Hulk gloves. Sam used the unconventional program, Video Star to create this project. The camera man and assistant director was Isaac Goff.

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